Tuesday, December 19, 2006

People...glowing red people.

This last year has been like an enema of photography for me. I have shot at every opportunity, read all I could, picked the brains of everyone I work with and even traveled across the country to attend workshops on photojournalism. The more I look at photos of some of my favorite photographers I am drawn to those frames where there are a dozen subjects all equally balanced. Your eye just bounces around and the cord between the retina and part of the brain where curiosity is produced is like a comcast cable filled with questions regarding the different stories behind each person and relationship in the picture. Those are some of my favorite photos. I have been reading a book by Diane Hagamann and her photographing the religious missions for the homeless and poor of Seattle. She mentions shooting a frame where the subject is nothing immediately visable like a person or thing. Rather it is the invisible relationship of all the subject"s" in the photo to eachother. This photo is from the Velour in Provo. After Bryce and Beth's wedding I hopped around to a couple venues in Provo with Elaine and heard some good music. In no way am I approaching the photographers I am enjoying, but this photo just makes me think of them. The glowing red sign, (you won't miss it) kinda spoon feeds the invisible subject matter, but by it's referential glowing it lets us see everything else.

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Sarah said...

I love this picture. -SKA